Maintenance FAQs

Do I have to use Perennial Wood Deck Finish or can I paint Perennial Wood?
Perennial Wood Deck Finish is the recommended coating for Perennial Wood decking since the performance of this waterborne system has been validated and the colors are designed to match the original factory applied finish. Since Perennial Wood decking is real wood, other wood coating systems may also be applied. Manufacturer's instructions should be followed for optimal performance.

Where can I buy Perennial Wood Deck Finish?
Please contact Snavely Forest Products for a dealer near you at 800.821.1292.

How long will the Perennial Wood decking factory finish last?
The lifetime of the finish will vary depending upon many factors including the location of the installation, the level of exposure to sunlight and abrasion from sand, and whether the maintenance and cleaning recommendations are followed. Generally, the factory applied finish is expected to last 2-3 years before the finish will show significant wear.

How does Perennial Wood hold up to surface mold and mildew?
Surface mold and mildew are common for any decking material, including Perennial Wood. The rate of mold and mildew growth will depend on the environment in which the material is installed. In the event that mold and mildew do develop, Perennial Wood decking can be refreshed with a mild, pH-neutral cleaner. Mold and mildew will typically impact only the surface appearance of Perennial Wood and not its strength or structural performance.

How long will Perennial Wood last?
Perennial Wood is modified with TruLast Technology, which provides a physical barrier throughout the wood that's warranted to protect against rot, decay, and movement for 25 years.

What happens if mold or mildew appear on my deck?
Perennial Wood decking can be refreshed with a mild, pH-neutral cleaner. Mold and mildew will typically impact only the surface appearance of Perennial Wood, not the strength or structural performance of the material.

What type of maintenance is required for Perennial Wood decking?
As with all materials exposed to the outdoors, years of sun exposure will naturally patina the finish, so if homeowners choose to refresh the look of their deck, Perennial Wood decking can be cleaned with a mild, pH-neutral cleaner, re-finished the same color with Perennial Wood Deck Finish, or re-colored by stripping off the old finish and applying new. Refinishing won't affect the wood's ability to endure because Perennial Wood is modified throughout. Incidental scratches can be touched up with matching finish.

What special care should I take when handling Perennial Wood?
Exercise care when offloading from a truck to prevent excessive bending and falling impact. Never allow the wood to be dumped off a truck. Forklifts, cranes and other special handling equipment should be operated in a safe manner so as to prevent scarring and damage to the decking, as well as personal injury.

How should i store perennial Wood?
Perennial Wood should be stored on a flat, level surface. Elevate the wood to avoid contact with the ground to protect it and avoid splashing. Keep the wood covered in the plastic storage covering it was shipped in prior to and during construction.

What other safety precautions should i take?
To prevent injury, always secure and properly store boards at the construction site. Never leave loose boards scattered throughout the site. Be sure all deck boards are firmly secured to the framing structure before walking on them. Use standard protective gear, such as eye and hearing protection, hard hats, dust masks when cutting, work gloves, boots, etc. A Material Safety Data Sheet for Perennial Wood is available here.

Will I need to finish my perennial wood decking?
Perennial Wood decking and components come pre-finished in a two-step finish. While it is not necessary to apply a finish to the end cuts, homeowners may choose to finish them for aesthetic reasons. Perennial Wood Deck Finish is recommended to touch up end cuts or repair incidental scratches.

How should i clean my perennial wood deck?
Clean your Perennial Wood deck with water and a mild, pH-neutral soap as needed. Avoid harsh cleaners and do not pressure-wash the deck