Warranty FAQs

Can I return my Perennial Wood?
The ability to return Perennial Wood will depend on the policies of the retailer or dealer where it was purchased. In most cases, retailers will allow Perennial Wood to be returned if the material is in its original purchase condition.

Is the builder responsible for inspecting the Perennial Wood at the time of purchase or delivery to be sure it isn't damaged and complies with regulatory requirements?
Whomever takes delivery of the Perennial Wood should inspect it to ensure it meets our high quality standards. While we take several measures to protect the integrity of the product during shipment, damage may still occur. As for compliance, the installer is responsible for knowing and adhering to regulatory requirements including local building codes. Perennial Wood has been approved by the ICC for use in specified applications. Please visit  www.icc-es.org for more information about ICC-ES ESR 1690.

How long will the finish last?
The lifetime of the finish will vary depending upon many factors including the location of the installation, the level of exposure to sunlight and abrasion from sand, and whether maintenance and cleaning recommendations are followed. Generally, the factory-applied finish is expected to last 2-3 years before significant fading and wear will show.

Are there any restrictions on my warranty?
Perennial Wood has a 25 year limited warranty against rot, decay and movement.  Installation of Perennial Wood must conform to the specifications provided in the installation guide. Construction must be limited to single-story, above-ground residential decks and balconies only. Specific Perennial Wood decking components may only be used, as they are intended for above-ground decking, railing posts, balusters, railing caps and stair treads. Perennial Wood components are not intended for use in primary structural elements of the deck, such as joists, girders, columns, and stair stringers. All fasteners and connectors must be stainless steel to prevent corroded fasteners from bleeding into the wood. Builders must work in compliance with building codes, permits and ordinances, as required by local jurisdiction.

Purchaser (or Transferee) must complete registration of their Perennial Wood™ Decking product within 30 days of original purchase of product or transfer of ownership of the property upon which the Perennial Wood™ Decking products were originally installed.

What is the Perennial Wood warranty?
Perennial Wood is modified with TruLast Technology, providing a physical barrier throughout the wood that's warranted to protect against rot, decay and movement for 25 years.

For the complete terms of the Limited Warranty, please visit this warranty section of our website here.